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Handmade Bellflower Earring

Handmade Bellflower Earring

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  • Handmade item
  • Metal Part: Sliver
  • Beads: bellflower colored glaze,butterfly color glaze,leaf glaze & Czech beads
  • Location: Earlobe
  • Customization: color of beads & length


  • I named this pair of earrings " The Wizard of Oz" , It's my favorite item, everytime I looked at them, it seems I saw a wonderland with many little fairies around it
  • They are  6 different colors of the lily beads in one single earring and there are butterfly beads around them, the Czech beads looks like dewdrop, and the most wonderful part is these beads looks like jelly very much, they just shine a lot in the sunshine
  • The color can be customized,you can choose different color of the beads.
  • For they are handcrafted pieces, please kindly double check the Return & Shipping Policy before you place an order
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